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Giving back to the community of Kingman, AZ is what makes us different

Make a difference in the life of someone you may or may not know
SOLO of America is a nonprofit organization that provides a variety of support programs for disabled persons around the Kingman area. From group support to day programs, our employees are focused on services that add ease to the lives of many community members in Kingman. SOLO of America also runs a vibrant thrift store with new and used items.
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Our services

SOLO of America was created on April 2002 to address the inherent dysfunctions of present day support systems that people with disabilities have come to depend upon. We work with families and their loved ones, of all ages, on assessing and reaching individual goals for handicapped or disabled persons. We offer the following services:
  • Day programs 
  • Respite Services 
  • Attended Care 
  • Habilitation 
  • Group-supported employment
To learn more about the ways we support the community in Kingman, give us a call today!

Our thrift store

SOLO of America supports its community work through donations from people like you, and from proceeds that come from our thrift store. We sell a variety of new and used items, from clothing to furniture to household appliances.

Come in and see what we have in store (literally!) for you. Do you have something specific in mind? Call us to find out if we stock that item. We are happy to help you!

Our mission

SOLO of America is comprised of many people working together to solve the problems that challenge persons with disabilities and their families every day. We work with families and their loved ones on assessing individual goals.
Call us anytime! (928) 681-2891
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